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Learn how to innovate, iterate and deliver
From ideation to execution with Apptual!

A white labelled, customisable platform
with a range of innovation methodologies
designed to build
outstanding entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs

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Running a competition or hackathon?

Apptual provides tools to
create a branded web page,
encourage continuous idea improvement,
make the voting process a breeze!
and help mentor the winners, all in one platform!

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Running an accelerator or incubator?

Apptual provides tools to
identify the best talent
improve collaboration,
decrease the admin burden,
and improve your entrepreneurial talent pool

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Running a mentor program?

Apptual provides tools to
Best match mentors and entrepreneurs,
Support all participants with training materials
Keep track of progress and success,
And evaluate the your program effectiveness!

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Running a regional or corporate ecosystem?<

Apptual provides tools to
Showcase and connect all the players,
Run support programs and competitions,
Decrease the admin and comms burden,
And get insights in your ecosystem's vibrancy!



Happy Customers

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UCL Advances, UCL’s centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction, has used Apptual to support the delivery of its Summer Programme and U-CREATE botcamp programme. The Apptual competition software we've used has been intuitive and engaging for our staff and students allowing multiple stakeholders to come together and further the development of concepts into ideas through to actual businesses.

Gurpreet Jagpal, UCL Advances


NACUE Create used the Apptual Competition App for the U-Create programme for UCL university. It was a complex programme involving students from multiple universities, live pitches to an audience and a panel of judges. Apptual was used to help the teams develop and give feedback on their ideas. Apptual was intuitive, reduced our admin burden, gave us the necessary data and helped not just capture student projects but help them improve and iterate as they went along.

Luka Blackman-Gibbs, NACUE


About Us

Apptual was founded in April 2012 with the ambition to use software to change the way people change!

A recent HBR study demonstrated a consistent  60-70% failure rate  for organizational change projects from the 1970′s to the present. Offering change management as a service will always be limited human inability to reach an entire workforce and be present enough to sustain new behaviours into Habits.

In other words,  Change Management Needs to Change

We have started with the innovation market, a space we have been evolving in for the past 10 years in corporates working at or advising the likes Unilever. J&J, L’Oreal, Symbian, Nokia, Intel…

Experience has taught us that successful innovation is not just about having great ideas; it’s about great execution.

Steve Jobs said Innovation is 1% idea and 99% execution. And execution rests on having successful innovator behaviour …always listening out for feedback, problem solving, quick learning cycles, constant iteration. That’s why Apptual SaaS apps don’t just bring great workflow support that reduces admin and intuitive user experiences that capture ideas but helps people acquire the behaviours of successful entrepreneurs so that what comes out the other side is investment ready.

Our first SaaS Apps target universities delivering entrepreneurship programs, corporate and independent accelerators building a powerful start-up support ecosystem, governments and corporates mentoring networks for youths and entrepreneurs. We’re bringing unique social interaction, behaviour change and metrics into this world.

Our vision doesn’t stop here, we’re now working on exciting new SaaS apps of our own and with partners…

Contact us if you’re interested!

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Luke Raskino

Co-founder & CEO, Team

Luke is a product visionary with experience spanning Unilever, JnJ and L'Oreal 


Thibaut Rouffineau

Co-founder & COO, Team

An innovation ecosystem builder with a track record in mobile with Symbian, Nokia, droidcon...

pankaj - png

Pankaj Bagwan

Lead Developer, Team

Technology Evangelist, Hacker, Open Source champion and full stack Ruby developer


Karen Thomas Bland


Brings leading change management industry experience having played senior transformation roles at IBM and KPMG.


Dr Anne Hsu


Behavioural scientist and machine learning expert at Queen Mary University


Tim Kitchin


Knowledge management, entrepreneurship and 3rd sector expert


Dr Alastair Moore


Entrepreneurship and education expert

andy dancer

Andy Dancer


Brings technology + IP strategy. Andy is Ex CTO Trend Micro, Inventor of Secure Cloud (Trend Micro) and a serial technology entrepreneur with multiple exits

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