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What is Apptual?

Apptual helps people learn and collaborate online the way they do in the real world...
And let's you create an environment where people work on common projects, inspired by relevant content, supported by mentors and by each others.

How it Works?

Our easy to use platform incorporates the latest scientific understanding of learning and collaboration, to maximize the speed at which people learn and retain knowledge and their level of engagement. Making learning more engaging and effective for participants. Making collaboration more fruitful. Making it super easy for educators, authors and consultants to rapidly develop and launch successful programs.

1- Design

Your ecosystem, your branding, URL, methodology, workflow, bite sized videos, audio, powerpoint, events...

2- Invite

Use managed emails and URLs to invite all participants and build a support network: educators, consultants, mentors, judges...

3- Manage & Track

Get deep insights into participants' activities, progress, and the tools to intervene and best support them.

Who's Apptual for?

Are you moving away from on-site courses?
E-learning and online courses are great alternatives but fail to deliver on the human interaction element like peer to peer learning and mentoring. Apptual brings the power of collaboration to your e-learning solutions.

Are you looking for ways to deliver learning at the point of need?
Embedding learning in people's daily activities is a powerful solutions to helping them solve their complex problems: leadership, innovation, presentation skills. Apptual puts learning at the heart of complex problem resolutions.

Do you want your own dedicated learning solution but do not want the costs of building and managing it?
Apptual is a SaaS platform that let's you build your own learning platform in a matter of hours.

Are you a recognised expert in your field?
You must be interested in expanding your market and your revenues by reaching more customers through e-learning.

Do you want to protect your customer contacts, brand and revenues from face to face programs?
You want a dedicated and branded solution that allows you to create customized programs for your largest customers blending online and offline components.

Do you want to a simple solution that does not require any technical knowledge?
In an hour Apptual will give you the solution to scale your business! Build your own e-learning website to sell a self-learning experience online directly. Build a dedicated site for your key customer to offer a blended e-learning augmenting your on-site training and interventions with online content, activities and exercise.

Would you rather learn or learn how to?
We have asked the question to professionals and educators and the answer came clear, people learn to solve problems not for the sake of learning.

Can you learn just by consuming content and answering questions?
The answer is no. Learning is 10% absorbing content, 20% socialising the information and learning from others and 70% doing...

What can you do about it?
Demand a different learning experience! Apptual gives educators tools to build the interactive learning experiences, built around solving real life problems across all learning dimensions.

  • Turnkey learning & collaboration website
  • Program designer
  • Course designer
  • Community management
  • Diagnostics & surveys to measure impact

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    Bring the power of mentoring to your learning experiences
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    A white label solution to host social and collaborative online course
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